A brief history of Sincerity Lodge 428

The Lodge of Sincerity was warranted in October 1835 with the number 620. It became No. 428 when lodges were renumbered by the United Grand Lodge of England. Some of its members were connected with an old lodge, Trade & Navigation Lodge, which existed in Northwich prior to 1828.

The Lodge of Sincerity first met at the Angel Hotel until subsidence caused the Lodge to move to the Victoria Club on John Street, Northwich in 1909 where it remained until 2012; it now meets at the Hartford Golf Club.  

In 1927 the Lodge sponsored a new Lodge to be known as Sinceritas Lodge No.4934.

The Lodge gave considerable support to the Victoria Infirmary as well as other charitable causes.

Many eminent people of Northwich have been members of the Lodge, including among them, Sir John Brunner and Henry Bratt. Six successive generations of the Wilding family were the tylers for the Lodge, covering the first 168 years of its existence – probably a record!  The number of past and present members is 574.

The Lodge was finally renamed Northwich Lodge No. 428 in 2017 representing a new beginning after amalgamation with Semper Fidelis Lodge and Sinceritas Lodge.