A brief history of Semper Fidelis Lodge 3453

Semper Fidelis Lodge No. 3453, initially named Brandrith Lodge, was

consecrated at the Castle School of Music in Northwich on August 20th, 1910.

John Brunner Lodge No. 2799 sponsored the Lodge. The founder members

were Northwich businessmen who were either members of John Brunner or

Wolseley Lodge No. 1993, the latter lodge meeting in Manchester.

Resulting from an unfortunate matter concerning charity records, the

Lodge name was changed in 1920 from Brandrith to Semper Fidelis, the

number 3453 being retained.

From 1918 the Lodge met at St Helens Church Institute until moving to the Northwich Victoria Club in 1962.

Members and visitors pictured at the last official meeting of Semper Fidelis Lodge 3453 prior to amalgamation