ProvGM visits Northwich Lodge No. 428

ProvGM Visits the Northwich Lodge No. 428 to Honour his Past Warden (Michael Shiels) and Witness the Ceremony of Passing of Brother Andrew Macmaster

Left to Right:- WBro Harold Knapton, ProvSGW, WBro Adrian Davies, AProvGM (Area 3), WBro   Christopher John Davies, ProvGSwdB, Bro Andrew Macmaster (Candidate), RWBro Stephen Blank, ProvGM, Bro Ian MacDonald (WM), WBro Simon Richardson, AProvGM (Area 5), WBro Michael Shiels PProvSGW, WBro David Mayall, ProvGStB, WBro Andy Bailey, ProvJGW.

On Thursday 5th February the RWBro Stephen Blank, the Provincial Grand Master, attended Northwich Lodge No. 428.

Bro Ian MacDonald, the current master, opened the lodge and welcomed, with appropriate humility, RWBro Stephen Blank and his extensive entourage of acting Provincial Officers, Grand Officers and two APGM’s.

RWBro Stephen Blank then witnessed the excellent ceremony of Passing, for Brother Andrew Macmaster.

In the ceremony Bro Ian asked the usual questions of the candidate. Bro Ian then requested WBro Michael Shiels (Provincial Grand Warden 2016/2017) to accept the Chair of King Solomon to conduct the rest of the ceremony of Passing.

After WBro Michael Shiels performed the  ceremony the Worshipful Master then returned to his rightful place in the chair to continue the meeting, thanking WBro Michael Shiels and presenting a substantial Charity cheque to the ProvGM.

The meeting was followed by an excellent social board in which the RWBro Stephen Blank also thanked everyone for an excellent ceremony.